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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Choosing the Right Vehicle

I’d rather use 1% of 100 people's effort, rather than 100% of my own -J.P. Getty

it has been quite a hiatus for me in writing, but I’m back. Been happily enjoying the great vehicle that I chose to drive my life!

In the last article, we talked about creating profits. As we continue, 1 thing that needs to be understood is LEVERAGE. Without leverage, huge profits will not be made. So if you're thinking of doing it yourself, all alone, then you're bound not to create huge profits.

If you want to create huge profits, then you basically have to MULTIPLY yourself; your time, your effort, your skills, basically everything. but the question is how do you do that? how do you transform 24 hours into a lifetime's work?

"Study hard, get good grades so you can get into the best companies and have a secure future."

Have you heard about this advice? all along we were made to believe that this is true, and that this is the ONLY way to achieve success. But come to think of it, is it really true? Look around you, and everyone who has done what you are planning to do, people who are 5 - 10 years ahead of you in your career path. Do you like what you see? If yes, then go do what they are doing. If not, then start doing something else!

I'm not saying that we don't need to study anymore! What I'm saying is that we should use our education to be able to adapt to the changing trends and progressive ways of thinking!

Are you saying that I'm not gonna be successful anymore?

Not if you start directing your activities to a vehicle that can get you there.

So what are my other options?

Then you want to start looking at what the wealthy people are doing. Statically, 81% of people at age 65 are either dead or dead broke, 13% are still working, 5% are well to do and only 1% are WEALTHY! So, what would you choose – DEAD or DEAD BROKE?

Neither! Of course I want to be WEALTHY!

If so, then just look at what the wealthy are doing, they are in BUSINESS.

Honestly, it’s not really a question if people WANT to be in business, everybody wants it. The question is what kind of business?

Actually there are two types of business, small and big. Basic difference: small businesses are designed to create small incomes, and you have to be there from opening to closing for it to work, more than 8 hours a day and full of headaches. A big business is the one that’s designed to create a big income and eventually create LEVERAGE to give you time and financial freedom.

Three main types of a big business:

1.) Build your own Corporation. This is the part wherein you have to have a huge CAPITAL, and i mean millions, at least 10M++ just so you can start out. Second is you have to have SKILLS needed to run the business. And tons of EFFORT, not to mention being able to live in a dog eat dog world, just to make it work. The risk is significantly high as well as the failure rate. This part is where you can afford to “burn” money trying to make it work. This first type of big business means that even if you have the capital but you don’t have know-how’s then it still will not work.

2.) Buy a Franchise. This time, what you need is HUGE capital to afford a good franchise, because a good franchise gives you a world class brand, a proven system and an ultimately the ability to make more income (which is the main thing that we pay for). Training will already be available, just put in your effort. The downside is that It needs a big amount of capital usually 10M++ and it has a limited expansion capability (to make more income means buying another franchise which equals to another huge amount of capital. This second type of big business means that when you have capital, then you can pay for a way/ ability to create incomes through the franchise system.

As you can see, the main thing that concerns people in starting a business is CAPITAL. But even after having capital, one has to also have the SKILLS to make it work and effectively run it. To save up for capital mean years and years of saving up and working. On the other hand to learn the skills takes years of trial and error.

The question now is do you have the capital and skills to start a business? If the answer is NO, what if there was something that the capital is negligible and the skills are learnable because somebody is going to teach you, all you need to do is put in effort, would you JUMP into it?

For me, YES i would! This is what I chose and happily doing now, and this is what I did to get ahead.

3.) Create a Distribution Network This third type of BIG business enjoys all the benefits of a successful franchise business without the need to put up the millions and millions of capital investment. The initial investment would be a fraction of what you would invest in a traditional franchise (1/100 of the cost).  You partner up with a world class BRAND. Represent a unique product, and create a market for it!  The whole system will be taught to you through trainings, all you need to do is learn how to do it. You will be given a system to follow and implement and the income potentials are HUGE, even better than traditional franchise options. Why? because a distribution network allows you unlimited expansion capabilities without the need for putting in more investment. This is the key factor that creates leverage and allows you to MULTIPLY your time, effort and money.

The question is, are you going to be open and looking for your opportunities? Because nothing new will happen if you don’t start doing anything new! Just look at your life 5 years ago, the decisions you made brought you where you are right now at that pace. If you don’t change anything, you can predict how your life is going to look like 5 years from now. Do you like what you see?

I’m just sharing to you what came to me as an opportunity 2 years back which changed my financial status, and ultimately changed my life. I saw a vehicle that creates a wonderful income stream that also provides a lot of time to spend with the people important to me.

Today, declare to yourself that “Its now my time to fulfil MY DREAMS!”

Activity: Write down your goals and start building your dream again. Then ask yourself, “Are my dreams important to me?" If yes, then “What am I willing to do to make them happen?”

Choose the RIGHT vehicle, and start making your DREAMS HAPPEN.