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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Profits vs Wages

Wages make you a living, but profits make you a fortune. -Jim Rohn

After college graduation, you are so excited to start your "real" life. You found a job and now you are very excited! you got your first pay check, you celebrate, then get your next pay check 15 days after. then a vicious cycle follows, you're happy on the 15th of the month, sad on the 20th because all your bills are now due. you're just getting by thereafter, then excited on the 29th, happy again on the 30th. then sad on the 5th. Sounds familiar??? Now you're caught on a rat race and you still are unaware.

If this is still happening to you, then probably its now the best time to understand the power of profits.

Before that, id like to tell you more about wages. Wages are designed to pay you based on time. we call this linear income, trading time for money. It's never designed to get you to your dreams. as you saw in my last article, you can actually compute how much you can make through your life. its a SURE way to know if you will be able to fulfill your dreams or not.

Profits on the other hand are designed to pay you based on your productivity or a lot of people's productivity. We call it leverage. You get it through a business or through assets. This way, you don't need to trade your time for money and the best thing is that you can get a lifetime's worth of productivity at the fraction of the time you need if it was through wages. Here's a way to be able to get to your DREAMS! now is it sure? of course not, but definitely its better than being SURE that you will NOT get there.

Now if you understand this, then you're on your way to prosperity, to being RICH! If your question is i don't know how? i don't know what to do? then those are good questions. You just have to be OPEN to opportunities that may pass you. Just like i did, when an opportunity was presented to me, an average boy with no huge capital to start a traditional business, I grabbed it and now, my whole life has changed. This is why im here sharing this to everybody else.

Currently, there are so many options to be able to start making a profit. Just be ready to accept new ideas, new concepts that are far from the traditional way of thinking. In my next article, i'll be talking about different ways to make a HUGE profit.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Are you getting close?

If you want it badly enough, there are no limits on what you can achieve - Brian Tracy

I have always believed in the limitless of the human potential. For as long as it can be done in the physical world, then it can be achieved by anyone.

But in anything that you want to get done, a plan must be set out in order to clearly see what it really is. Goals must be set in order to give direction to what you want to achieve.

I believe that goals are dreams with action plans. without it then it will only remain a dream. "No ship sets sail without a destination." but for everyone, "where do you want to go?" what does success really mean to you? for most people it will be time and financial freedom! but the question is, how do you really set effective goals that you can achieve?

First, take a look at your life, with whatever you are doing right now, is it going to bring you to your success? if not then look for other options. this is the first step, even if you are the best person, but you are riding the wrong vehicle, you will definitely not get there.

Next, Be SMART. As Covey shared in the 7 habits:
Begin with the End in mind - Create a mental image of how you want your life to look like, is it a life of success or a life that is stuck somewhere? you should already be able to see your life 5, 10, 20 years from now.

Specific - In terms of what you want to get, create specifics already, what type of house you want to live in, what color of car you want to drive, how much time you want to spend with your family, which countries you want to go visit and etc. be very specific in the things that you really want, if not you won't know that you are already getting it.

Measurable - Dream big so you can achieve big, know really how much you need to get to where you want. how much income, how much assets, how much. so you will have a clear picture of the exact things that you need to get. Financially, start with your float level, an income that can make you survive, then go for your income and eventually double triple and determine your desired income.

Attainable - This part is relative to anybody, but for as long as you believe that it can be done, then it can. Set goals that will be attainable for you in the present. Don't expect to get a million dollars tomorrow if you haven't done anything in the past.

Realistic - Make sure your goals are possible in the real world. Don't wish to steal the moon and hold it in the palm of your hands! (you don't have the shrink ray :)) Be clear on the things the you want and make sure that it is real for you. Associate yourself with successful people so that you will get to see what "reality" is. and that it can be done.

Time bound - Set goals that have a deadline. do not believe that you are going to get it "someday", its almost equivalent to "never". Set out short term and long term goals. What you want to get in a month, 3 months a year, 5 or 10 years out. this way it creates a sense of urgency in you to help you achieve it in this lifetime.

These are just some ways on how you set your goals straight. keep in mind that goals not written and with out action will only be wishes.

again, "With what you're currently doing right now, ARE YOU ON TRACK?" if you are in a job, then you can compute using this formula: (monthly salary x 12 months) - (monthly expenses) x (years of work) = total life savings. then ask yourself will you get there?? if not, then what are your options??

we'll talk about that in the next article.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A choice has to be made.

"It's the choices you make, that determine who you are."

Have you ever experienced the times that you were left with NO CHOICE? well the truth of the matter is, there is no such thing as no choice, its just that we don't like the consequences.

Can you choose not to go do overtime work? YES, you just don't want to get fired. can you choose not to pay the bills? YES, you just don't want your electricity cut. Can you choose not to study? YES, but you just don't want to fail.

Aren't you tired of having all of these no choice situations? or are you just being too comfortable that you would rather choose to be enslaved by your situations. i believe that we should just set our priorities straight.

Ask yourself:
1.) What is really very important for me?
2.) Why am i working?
3.) What does success mean for me?
4.) Why should i succeed?

if you already have the answers to these questions, then maybe its time to ask:

with what im currently doing, am i gonna get there? - if your answer is YES, then ask yourself "when do i want to get there?" if it's not a SURE YES, then you have to think again, think again about where you are headed currently either financially or in your career. if its not directed towards the destination of where you want to be, then perhaps you have to start looking at what choices have you been doing.

Opportunities may come to you only once, it may be in any form possible that may be in accordance to what you really want to happen. the problem is, not all people will see it. if you do and you made a choice to make it happen, then congratulations, you're on your way to success. But if you don't then unfortunately, success will not come until you grab that one opportunity that is being presented to you. Remember, you will not be given exactly what you want, but rather you will be presented with opportunities to get you what you want.

but if you're asking, How do i know that it's an opportunity for success?

1.) If it gives you the possibility of getting what you want, aside from what you are doing - it's an opportunity to ride on a vehicle for success

But what if i'm uncomfortable? what if i don't know how? what if its not "me".  - then it's an opportunity to learn and grow. Success has a price, if you're willing to pay the price then you will get there, if you don't then you won't.

Opportunities are endless, but sometimes it will only pass you once. Successful people can see an opportunity and grab it immediately, while others let things pass them by thinking they cannot do it, then eventually not fulfill their full potentials.

The choices you make today, will determine where you will be in the future. Success or Failure, you CHOOSE.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It all starts with belief.

"Nothing happens without a dream." i have heard this phrase from one of the most momentous days of my life. i'd like to agree that a dream will give you hope and will give you something to fight for. But without a complete sense of belief that it can happen, it will just remain a dream.

A full belief in something, although it hasn't happened to you yet, is critical in achieving success. it is the fundamental element that moves a person to take action and start pursuing what seemed to be just a dream. A full belief will be able to fuel you enough through all obstacles and struggles because one knows that all this is just part of the journey to getting there. 

I for one had always believed that if i can see it in the physical world, then i'm sure that it's possible. if it's possible then i can definitely get it. Belief that you can do it needs to be in place first before venturing into anything, because without it, then no knowledge, no skill, no training will be relevant. the belief must be established FIRST.

Philippians 4:13 - "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." Just keep this in mind whenever you have self doubt, fear, hesitation, worry and all negative emotions. Always remember that you have a big GOD and He will deliver. 

Opportunities can come just ONCE, if you keep on choosing to listen to your self doubts, then no greatness will ever be achieved. There are no guarantees, there are only people who just believed that greatness can happen, its only a matter of time.