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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Action Action Action!

You can get everything in life you want if you can just help enough other people get what they want. -Zig Ziglar

Everybody has dreams and we all want these to come true. Just like me i really have big dreams, i want to retire at age 35 and start inspiring other people all over the world that it is possible. i would want to have a privileged lifestyle with my family having financial and time freedom. I would want to be able to travel the world anytime and experience culture. I would want to help indigent communities to be self sufficient and improve their quality of lives. Also, i want to help at least 1000 people directly or indirectly create wealth and financial freedom.

So are your Dreams important for you? 
Have you taken the necessary steps to get there? 
Are you heading the right direction towards your goals? 
Are you in the right financial vehicle?

Daily consistent action allows you to move towards the achievement of anything you dream of having. Without taking action, every dream, every goal no matter how big or noble, ultimately becomes futile. but also, taking action in the wrong financial vehicle will only produce 'activity" and not productivity.

Today, i going to share some insights in taking action.

1. Focus. laser in to what you want to accomplish. As you have already set your goals, make sure that the actions you take are going to take you 1 step closer and closer to accomplishing it. Be deliberate, practice and learn the skills that you need to accomplish your goal. Be careful about activity and productivity, some actions are going to keep you busy, and take a lot of time, but are not necessarily making you productive.

2. Be Consistent and predictable. Structured action allows you to keep your productivity high. Small steps done repeatedly will lead towards achieving big steps. take consistent daily action towards your goal. Success is like going uphill, if you stop midway, you don't start from the point, you'll go back and start from scratch.

Jump Right In!
3. Jump right in and figure it out. It is never going to be a perfect time. there is no such thing as perfect conditions, perfect situations or you are already fully equipped in doing something. There will always be adjustments along the way. But if you don't start and jump right in, nothing will happen. Over come your fear of failure. One of the main things that keep people from succeeding is because they are too afraid to fail. Courage is not the absence of fear, but acting in spite of fear. Action cures fear. Remember, every master was once a disaster.

4. Stay Positive. You will encounter challenges and obstacles once you start taking the necessary steps towards your goals. It will never be easy if your goal is worthwhile. This is where you have to stop listening to the inner voices that tells you that you can't. Always set your eyes on the prize, although achieving is is not easy, its surely going to be worth it. So always protect your mindset, read books and listen to audios, fill your mind with positive things to get you going. And as much as you can, avoid negative people.

5. Never Give Up. One of the most critical parts of taking action is finishing. Fully commit to make your dreams happen. 99% commitment will not do, only by giving it your best and your 100% will your dreams be accomplished. Regardless of whatever setbacks you might encounter, always keep in mind that your dream is bigger than that. Make a single decision to succeed and keep it. Do whatever it takes. Never quit.

In the achievement of your goals, there are only 2 things; Reasons or Results. Anything that happens that are not getting you where you want are only reasons. Focus on everything that tells you why you can do it. Take action, the best time to start is yesterday, the next best time is NOW.

I wish you well and good luck!

Dream BIG Dreams and Make it Happen!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Goal Setting, Goal Getting

"Goals without action is just a wish."

We all want to be successful, isn't it? but what sets successful people apart from every body else is that successful people are very much Goal oriented!

So why is setting a goal very important? 

Without a goal you lose direction. It is said if you don't know where you are going, then it doesn't matter what you're doing. Setting goals creates clarity and focus, it gives meaning to the day to day activities as you start seeing success unfold.

So what am i supposed to do to be effective in setting goals?

I have outlined several points in goal setting and goal getting.

1. Establish what you want and how it looks like. First and foremost, be clear about what you want to achieve. Visualize how it will look like, and what exactly is the measure if you have achieved it. (e.g. a certain position, income per month, size of organization. etc.)

2. Set clear written goals. Be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound) Written goals allow you to clearly see what you are actually accomplishing as compared to just thinking about it. it relieves your brain of trying to think and rethink about what you want. putting it in paper allows you to break it down into smaller pieces. Make sure that you enumerate the specifics of the things that you want to accomplish.

3. Follow through. Writing you goals is one thing, but following through your goals is another. Set measurable parameters and a monitoring structure to be able to make sure that on a daily basis, you are one step closer to your goal. Also set up daily activities, if accomplished will bring you closer to achieving what you want. (e.g. number of client calls / day, target sales per day, etc.)

4. Be Accountable. Letting other people know about your goals and how you plan to accomplish it increases accountability and thus allows you to perform and accomplish more. So declare your goals to your team, share your goals to your friends and discuss your goals with your mentor.

5. Commitment. Make a single decision to accomplish this goal no matter what it takes. Accept no excuses, accept no reasons. It is this attitude that will allow you to plow through challenges that you will encounter as you are getting there. as the Malaysians put it, "Die Die Must Make It!"

6. Massive Consistent Action. Make deliberate, massive and consistent action steps towards achieving your goal. Guided by your monitoring structure, make sure that you take action and don't stop until you get there!

Using these 6 steps in goal setting and goal getting, it will be much clearer and simpler for you to be able to achieve whatever you put your mind into!

Dream BIG Dreams and Make it Happen!