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Monday, September 20, 2010

A choice has to be made.

"It's the choices you make, that determine who you are."

Have you ever experienced the times that you were left with NO CHOICE? well the truth of the matter is, there is no such thing as no choice, its just that we don't like the consequences.

Can you choose not to go do overtime work? YES, you just don't want to get fired. can you choose not to pay the bills? YES, you just don't want your electricity cut. Can you choose not to study? YES, but you just don't want to fail.

Aren't you tired of having all of these no choice situations? or are you just being too comfortable that you would rather choose to be enslaved by your situations. i believe that we should just set our priorities straight.

Ask yourself:
1.) What is really very important for me?
2.) Why am i working?
3.) What does success mean for me?
4.) Why should i succeed?

if you already have the answers to these questions, then maybe its time to ask:

with what im currently doing, am i gonna get there? - if your answer is YES, then ask yourself "when do i want to get there?" if it's not a SURE YES, then you have to think again, think again about where you are headed currently either financially or in your career. if its not directed towards the destination of where you want to be, then perhaps you have to start looking at what choices have you been doing.

Opportunities may come to you only once, it may be in any form possible that may be in accordance to what you really want to happen. the problem is, not all people will see it. if you do and you made a choice to make it happen, then congratulations, you're on your way to success. But if you don't then unfortunately, success will not come until you grab that one opportunity that is being presented to you. Remember, you will not be given exactly what you want, but rather you will be presented with opportunities to get you what you want.

but if you're asking, How do i know that it's an opportunity for success?

1.) If it gives you the possibility of getting what you want, aside from what you are doing - it's an opportunity to ride on a vehicle for success

But what if i'm uncomfortable? what if i don't know how? what if its not "me".  - then it's an opportunity to learn and grow. Success has a price, if you're willing to pay the price then you will get there, if you don't then you won't.

Opportunities are endless, but sometimes it will only pass you once. Successful people can see an opportunity and grab it immediately, while others let things pass them by thinking they cannot do it, then eventually not fulfill their full potentials.

The choices you make today, will determine where you will be in the future. Success or Failure, you CHOOSE.

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